Gabriel’s Confession

Brothers have been slowed from fire into coal
for doubts less than those I had bound
that dusk-fall flying clear as a soul
through starlit clouds to where the crag-ground’s
shadow rose
those same forsaken stones
where I embraced my old friend Azazel
and flung him off the cliff his new bones
groaning O God that guilt though just still
and if I’d had mass I might
have pushed myself over when I returned
to find things so dead dark asleep the only light
a rat-cook fire those shepherds made to burn
for this is truth
         angels cried
the night our Lord was petrified.

One thought on “Gabriel’s Confession

  1. This sonnet is dashed into distinct pieces by three line breaks. It tells the story of the angel Gabriel, sent to announce Christ’s birth to Mary. However, Gabriel finds himself questioning the logic of God making Himself (or petrifying) into a lowly human. But is it permissible to even voice his doubt?

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