Another hairy argument between body and soul

Since there is almost universal consensus […] that we are composites of soul and body, what [then] is the man himself? Is he both of the things I [just] mentioned, or the body alone, or the soul alone? […] [Is he] soul and body, like a “team” [of horses] or a centaur? [Is he] the body alone, which is being used by a soul that rules it, like a “lantern”, [which is] not the flame and the container together but only the container, although we call it [a lantern] because of the flame? [Or] do we call nothing but the soul the “man”, but on account of the body it rules, just as we call a “rider” not the horse and the man together but only the man, yet [only] insofar as he is suited to governing the horse? (Augustine, De moribus ecclesiae catholicae).


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